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1.  Meet TFX 12V requirements, increase the compatibility and safety of this product. Use dual filtering circuits so reduced electromagnetic interference and radiation.
2.  Guaranteed adequate output, the best choice for stability of your coputer systerm.
3.  Size: 175mm x 84mm x 65mm, suitable for all sizes of computer cases.
4.  Single 12V independent electronic circuit, +12V output totaling 14 ampere.
5.  Low noise and low ripple.
6.  100% passed 45±5℃ ageing test and CHROMA 6000 test.
7.  8cm cooling fan applied to the power supply so well distributed the thermo.
8.  Perfect safety protection includes over voltage protection, low voltage protection, over power protection and short-circuit protection.
9.  Safety Certificates: CE, CB, FCC.

      MOLEX X 1                                        4PINX1

                 SATA X 1                                  FLOPPY X 1

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